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How do i book a session?

The scheduling process is easy! Simply click on the green schedule button at the top of any page. Enter your session information, select a date + time that suits your needs, and submit. You'll receive an email within a few hours (Mon-Fri) to confirm a session.

when will i receive the images?

An online gallery will be sent to you the next day for a Monday-Friday session. Saturday sessions are delivered on the following Monday.

who has rights to the images?

Whiskey & Lavender retains all copyrights of the images. The usage license provides the client with the limited right to reproduce, display publicly; via in printed format or online, and distribute the photos only for promotional or advertising purposes directly related to the sale of the property. Images used for commercial, business, or any other multi-usage (hotels, schools) will have an additional fee applicable. All rights are non-transferrable and are void once the property sells or Client is terminated from listing agreement.

Do I need to be at the session? and Will you stage the rooms?

These two questions go hand in hand and the answers honestly depend on the readiness of the property. I always ask that the homes be photo-ready and provide blog posts that give tips on what to do. Most of the listings are vacant or staged (either completely with rented furniture or by using the homeowners items) and I am able to go room to room capturing the angles I need. For other listings, if needed, I will advise on items that may need moved here or there by the homeowner or yourself; as I do no touch any personal belongings for safety and liability reasons. I understand that homeowners are currently moving, have children, or are in the process of consolidating a loved ones estate, so I realize there may be boxes that need to be moved from a room so I am patient and encouraging when these items need relocated.  

What can my clients expect from a session with whiskey & lavender?

Professionalism in a fun, positive package! The photography should showcase their investment in the best light so they are able to start their new journey with a positive energy. They chose you because of their confidence in your skills, I further instill their trust in you by providing an unrivaled, personal service.